Obama will see his doctors again this week and he is expecting a clean bill of health.

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Obama's HealthBarack Obama may be the leader of the United States, but he’s not invincible; even he has been experiencing mild symptoms of aging over the years of his administration, which leads to regular visits to his personal cadre of physicians on hand for every situation that may arise.

The Attempt and Failure of Congress to Better our School Systems

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US Congress20%. That’s the number of bills enacted into laws out of the hundreds that made it past committee between 2011 and 2013. This number represents the utter and staggering failure of our Congressional body to do their jobs at a very base level.

Olympians in Sochi, Capturing the True Spirit of the Games.

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Sochi OlympicsIf many of you are like me you’ve never even heard of Sochi before it was announced as the home of the Winter Olympics this year. Sochi, Russia is located along side the shores of the Black Sea, and near the Caucasus mountains. Sochi is one of Russia’s largest resorts cities due to its subtropical climate, meaning it has warm to hot summers, and fairly mild winters, which is why it became the proud host of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

The Health Benefits of Recreational Kayaking

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According to a research conducted by the Outdoor Foundation, there has been a steady rise in the participation of outdoor activities in the last five years. One of these outdoor activities includes kayaking. It’s not a surprise why, as kayaking is a fun recreational activity that lets you enjoy the beauty of nature all as a whole while enjoying many health benefits in the process. Some people may have the impression that kayaking is just for the die-hard water sports fan. That’s certainly not the case, since kayaking is suited for anyone who can paddle and can swim.

Ask different kayaking enthusiasts and they’ll all come up with a general consensus of the health benefits of kayaking. It includes weight loss, increased muscle strength and stress reduction. Every hour of kayaking helps you lose 400 calories. With kayaking being such a fun activity, it’s hard to notice the hours pass by. One moment you’re just counting the number of times you’ve rowed and the next thing you know, two hours have passed and you’ve burned 800 calories. It’s no wonder why more and more people sign up for outdoor activities like this. It’s exercise with the added fun.

Recreational Kayaking is also known to help gain muscle strength and tone the whole body. Making sure you execute a good stroke involves using most of the upper body and some pressure on the legs. Unlike most sports, you are also at lesser risk of the wear and tear of joints and tissues since kayaking is considered to be a low-impact activity.

This activity is also a form of meditation that helps reduce stress. It’s enjoyable knowing that you are able to move a kayak all with your own efforts. And all this is done while gazing at the sky, the water, the trees, and the plants. You’re able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the calmness of being alone just paddling. Being in this kind of environment makes you relax and helps lessen your chances of being prone to diseases caused by stress such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart stroke.

Most people who kayak also delve into other sports activities like swimming and fishing which offer similar health benefits. This is either done in between or after a kayak session. It depends on the kayak used and the location. Swimmers and non-swimmers alike can both enjoy this since one is usually required to wear a life jacket before getting on a kayak.

This activity can be very intimidating to those who are not well-educated about the mechanics of kayaking. They’ll think kayaking is too highly-specialized and complex of a sport. Truth is kayaking is very simple. Learning how to kayak takes one day at least and after that, you can kayak wherever your paddle can take you. Kayaking equipment is expensive though so it is considered a good investment to buy the best recreational kayak you favor the most. As not only is recreational kayaking a highly enjoyable activity, it also gives big returns in health benefits that most people can get in other recreational activities.

Blood Moon Hangs Over North America

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The majority of North Americans (and a portion of South Americans) were treated to a rare eerie show last night as the first of this year’s “blood moons” occurred. We don’t often think about it, but the Earth has a shadow. Essentially that is what causes nighttime to occur. During the night our portion of the world has spun outside of the direct sunlight and into the shadow cast on the Earth’s “dark side.”

A “blood moon,” given it’s name because of the reddish color that the moon turns during such an event, is more accurately known as a lunar eclipse. During this type of eclipse, the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow, meaning that the Earth is blocking the Sun’s “view” of our moon. This causes an eerie blood-like shadow to creep across the moon until it is briefly enveloped before passing back out of the shadow. The whole event takes a few hours to complete.

At the start of this week, news stations and social feeds across America were saturated with articles ranging from those providing hard facts about this astronomical event, to those declaring doomsday prophecies sparked by the event coinciding with the beginning of the Passover, and also because of Biblical references in the Book of Revelation about the moon turning to blood in the last days.

Fortunately for the inhabitants of planet Earth, no major cataclysms plagued us and for those lucky enough to witness the event, it made for an amazing night of skywatching. While this natural phenomenon was visible with the naked eye, many frustrated observers tried in vain to capture the image on their smartphones and cameras. Much to their chagrin, our eyes capture light much more efficiently than do normal consumer phones and cameras and most pictures were blurry at best. The exception to those experiencing such frustrations were those night watchers with telescopes. Some telescopes come with the ability to interface with a computer to help you take digital images of the night sky.

Those who missed out on this most recent lunar eclipse can still consider themselves lucky as there will be one more occurring this year, and two next year. So if you missed it this year and would like to become an amateur astronomer,  it would be wise to go out and research the best telescope for you so that when the next blood moon occurs on October 8th, you’ll have the next best thing to front row seats to a one-of-a-kind show. And just in case you were thinking that these events might not be so special given their frequency over the next couple of years, just consider this: Before the start of the 1900′s, there was a 300 year period where no lunar eclipses occurred. Imagine, some of history’s greatest men never had the opportunity that will be yours at least 3 more times in the next little while. Make sure you’re ready so that you don’t miss out on the chance that George Washington, Isaac Newton, Napoleon, and even Abraham Lincoln never had!

Considering insurance rates and trends for 2014

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Insurance RatesThe casualty insurance industry is expected to be strong in 2014. Here are some of the rates and rends to look forward to for the year.

Rate changes, on average, should remain stable despite insurers trying to get increases. This is due to a large inventory on hand at the end of 2013. Previous rate increases last year including workers compensation costing more and higher levels of employee workers compensation concentrations. Property reinsurers should find less demand and more competition.

The insurance renewal process will be lengthier than in the past. This is because of large deviation of rates between risk profiles and actual rate results. Insurers are looking for more information and data before setting new rates. Favorable long-term rates resulting from as much data as possible allows representatives to market quotes more aggressively.

Many of the insured parties are expected to want to continue existing relationships. Continuity is all-important to clients. However, lead umbrella underwriters are expected to look over limits and points with fine-tooth combs. It will be tougher for those with credit challenges to get better rates although providing additional collateral can ease rate pressures to a degree.

The US casualty marketplace will be graced with increased capacity in 2014. Buyers from the EU and Asia are expected to enter insurance markets to greater degrees. Existing insurers looking to increase growth will tap this market resulting in a surplus of policy holders. This will make it tougher for those with credit challenges to get coverage.

One trend for 2014 appears to be a push-back on marketing rates. Insurers lost business they wanted to keep in 2013. There’s an even greater gap in 2014 between technical underwriting decisions and decisions based on market fundamentals. Losses in 2013 makes it less likely that insurers will be in a buying mood. This makes for a more competitive marketplace with new companies showing aggressive tactics to build portfolios while existing companies cut back on client load.

Portfolio risk managements will go heavy on the portfolio and lower on the risk in 2014, analysts said. Rates will increase on workers compensation policies and other casualty coverages. Limit management will continue to be in place. Insurers will provide better pictures of lead times that were expected for future rate and capacity changes.

Recovery by the overall US economy will have a big effect on insurance rates and trends. Marketplace consolidation due to casualty insurance inventory surplus means insurers will diversify more applying additional resources to new coverage areas. This will have the added affect of putting more pressure on incumbent markets.

Individual insurers are expected to base decisions more squarely on clarity and consistency of offered coverage. Clarifications and non-renewal language will be crucial along with recall coverage, professional triggers as opposed to liability triggers and other areas.

Data will be more influential than ever in determining risk decisions and rates. Analytic tools are being refined to assist in advanced loss control decisions. New analytics make it possible to increase investment portfolios while reducing claim levels. Recent court decisions on liability coupled with changes in workers compensation rules in several states can be mitigated better as a result of new modeling pricing tools. This results in lessening risk on an individual basis.

Innovation out of survival necessity is on tap for 2014. Insurers must be innovative to continue being competitive and stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Additional marketplace complexity coupled with new legislation and industry-specific products makes the entire insurance environment more competitive and challenging. Successful insurers will look for novel strategies to avoid non-renewal nightmares and keep core casualty programs healthy.

Recent White House Press Release Hints At Tax Breaks For Home Owners

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Tax BreaksWith many home owners looking for support, they might be interested in learning about some of the different government programs available to them. Should they be interested in learning more information about the basics of the programs available to them, they should research what is out there.
The White House regularly sends out press releases that will update people on the basics of how this can work. This can help keep most home owners informed, which will be a valuable step for them to keep in mind. Most owners will be interested to learn more information about the basics of the program itself. These press releases could prove to be one of the best resources that they have available.
First, many people will want to check out some of the different types of refinancing programs that may be on the horizon. The White House has noted that mortgage rates are currently at an all time low on the market. There are many opportunities for owners to actually secure mortgage rates of around 4%, which will represent a substantial bargain.
Most people will want to review how they can link up with this kind of mortgage, especially if they are currently underwater. This could prove to be an invaluable resource available to many people out there. It can take some time to apply for these different types of programs, since it can help them understand more about the resources that they have available to them.It is important to note that the White House has simply proposed this kind of plan to support underwater mortgage holders. There is not currently a concrete law put in to place to provide this kind of support. The White House is actually looking for support to draft legislation in Congress to create this kind of tax relief program. It will provide comprehensive support for anyone who may need to understand more information about how it can work.This is part of the reason why the White House has issued the press release in the first place. They want to get the word out about the different types of resources that many owners may have available to them. Some people will be interested to find out more information about the different types of options that they have going forward.

Most consumers will also need to realize that there are some expiring tax benefits that may be going in to effect. Some home owners have enjoyed a tax break for installing different types of green components in to their property. They will need to review the basics of how the program itself can work going forward. Some home owners may even want to contact their Congressperson to learn more about the details of these programs expiring. They may even be able to gather together enough support to sign on an extension to these programs.

There are actually quite a few different benefits associated with some of these different types of programs. These tax breaks can help make sure that local economies do their best to stay financially secure. Some communities have even relied on these tax breaks during the course of the recession. Local businesses and realtors can help people understand more about how the program itself can work. This could prove to be an invaluable resource available to anyone searching for the right tool to attain financial security. Most people will be interested in learning more information about the different types of resources that they have available to them.