Obama will see his doctors again this week and he is expecting a clean bill of health.

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Obama's HealthBarack Obama may be the leader of the United States, but he’s not invincible; even he has been experiencing mild symptoms of aging over the years of his administration, which leads to regular visits to his personal cadre of physicians on hand for every situation that may arise.

The Attempt and Failure of Congress to Better our School Systems

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US Congress20%. That’s the number of bills enacted into laws out of the hundreds that made it past committee between 2011 and 2013. This number represents the utter and staggering failure of our Congressional body to do their jobs at a very base level.

Olympians in Sochi, Capturing the True Spirit of the Games.

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Sochi OlympicsIf many of you are like me you’ve never even heard of Sochi before it was announced as the home of the Winter Olympics this year. Sochi, Russia is located along side the shores of the Black Sea, and near the Caucasus mountains. Sochi is one of Russia’s largest resorts cities due to its subtropical climate, meaning it has warm to hot summers, and fairly mild winters, which is why it became the proud host of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

How Online Pregnancy Tests Are Becoming A Standard Procedure Among Many Modern Woman.

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The internet truly has changed our society so very much. It truly is a virtual world where nearly anything these days can be done there. This even includes finding out how far along you are in your pregnancy. It used to be that when a woman wanted to find out if she was pregnant or if she wanted to plan her pregnancy, she had to do so in consultation with her doctor. These days it’s become as simple as switching on a computer and just going online. There are tons of websites that offer these online pregnancy tests free of charge. All you have to do is go to the relevant website, type in the information required – this is usually the first date of your last period – and then you click on the button that says calculate. Within seconds you will have an answer. And that’s how easy it is. It is the most accessible, cheap, and confidential way to get answers to your most personal questions. And this is the reason why these online tests have grown to become so popular. It fits right into the modern woman’s way of thinking and way of life. By this I mean that modern women are more demanding than the traditional woman was. The modern woman wants answers fast. The modern woman wants control over her body, and she wants to discover the answer to her private concerns and questions in the fastest and least invasive way possible. The modern woman is techno savvy and is au fais with all kinds of new electronic gadgets and products. The internet is where she shops, where she chats to friends, where she meets new guys to date, where she looks for a job, sometimes its where her office is based, and in this virtual world, it is certainly a great place for her to find fast answers to important questions.

Generally however, it is always recommended that you follow up an online test with an actual physical exam at your doctor’s office. This is not to confirm the date calculated by the internet computer, but just to confirm the result that you are in fact pregnant. It may very well be that you have missed your period for reasons which have nothing to do with your pregnancy. So for this reason it’s always good to have a confirmation exam with your physician.

If you are going the route of an online test, you need to be careful of which website you decide to go to. Some of the websites will offer you free tests. But some websites are subscription based. This means that they are going to charge you a fee to register and only then will you get access to their pregnancy calculator. The information you get from these subscription sites is very detailed though. Often they have a service that sends you weekly emails and includes diagrams revealing the development of the foetus. If you are indeed pregnant, being signed in to one of these sites is very helpful.

Globalising Beauty

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Beauty matters. Beauty has always mattered. But, as the famous saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The problem as we go forward into a very global age, if that every culture, sub culture and permeation of human being has a different idea of what that beauty is.

Which hasn't lessened the pressure to conform to beauty standards. Traditionally an area of pressure brought to bear the most on women, we seem to have 'corrected' the sexual double standard by forcing men into the same unrealistic beauty expectations rather then easing up on women. The only problem now is that no two people can decide what that beauty you have to stretch for, be and encompass actually is.

No wonder no one seems to know what they're doing any more. In a world where we're constantly told someone else looks better- and therefore is better- then us, we're constantly grasping for this elusive imagery that even we ourselves can't quantify. Blondes dye their hair brunette, while brunettes bleach blonde. Asians alter their eyes simply for vague notions of attractiveness in the west. Westerners long for the nipped and natural petite Asian physique.

Hence, I presume, the sever recent upswing in cosmetic surgeries. Extreme times call for extreme measures. People resort to sliding under the knife to get the body they 'have' to have- whatever that is.. You can guarantee the one thing it isn't is what the unfortunate soul already has.

Perhaps it's time to explore another area of business innovation. Not beauty marketing. Not even the counter-cultural swing against exacting these tolls on people's minds and bodies. After all, body acceptance is a nice idea, but in a world where the beauty industry makes astronomical amounts of money annually it isn't going away any time soon. How about broadening the market in safe and sensible information about these various beauty procedure?

For example, when they're busy dreaming of their new double D's, how many of the teenage girls now seeking breast implants stop to wonder how much are breast implants anyway? Want an answer? Click on through and find out. That page offers sane and sensible advice on how to budget, how to prepare and what you need to know about surgery. Here's another one on liposuction prices. But, sadly, these sites are few and far between and tend to be drowned out by idealistic nonsense and people selling things with little care as to the monetary or health costs it leaves their target with.

Safe and sane is a message we preach rather half-heartedly, after all, in more industries and more areas then just aesthetics and beauty. Maybe it's because any issues inevitably gets stuck between the greed of those marketing it and those who close their minds and scream loudly at it to go away. Neither is an attitude open to much evolution. Perhaps it's time to start looking beyond such extremes, to founding a beauty industry that- like the globalised ideas of beauty themselves- starts to embrace a global trend towards information, safety and working on the facts and not the marketing fictions.

Health Care and Health Panic

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Panic is a natural reflex. It's designed by evolution to keep us on our feet and living to see another day. But it's also a particularly stupid facet of the human mind that breeds a ridiculous set of circumstances and unnecessary panic all in one. And there's no area of greater panic, or so it seems, then when it comes to our health.

You only have to look at the news to see a classic example in action- Ebola. Panicking already? Well, most of the Western World is. Stupidly. No matter how many times we're told there's no need for the panic we're seeing, plain fact is people are freaking out. And salacious news networks leading with overblown news headlines designed to sow the seeds of panic [and sell papers] are not helping. This is, of course, not to downplay the very human toll the outbreak is taking in Western Africa. It's a serious problem. It's a worth news story. It's a humanitarian crisis. What it is not is a reason for panicky Brits and Americans to be scuttling to military surplus stores in pursuit of gas masks. Think I'm joking? I've had two incidences in my news feed this week of exactly that. It's ridiculous. Can these people not read? Do they not understand that this is not a virus spread by breathing contact, that- as viruses go- it's one that's fairly difficult to spread as it spreads by fluid contact?

No. They're caught up in the drama. Simple fact is, the Western world can contain any possible outbreaks, and support the sufferers, and dispense experimental drugs, in a way the poor countries worst affected by it cannot. We won't see an outbreak of dangerous proportion- but don't we just love flocking to the hive mind of newspapers that want to sell drama and fear.

Take another great health example- the ever spreading panic over fat. The way fat is treated, you'd think it was Ebola. There's a mass panic around the idea that one could be just a touch heavy. Again, I don't mean to negate the very real issues around obesity. But there's no need to treat the thought of being a smidgen overweight with a response more suited to a nuclear crisis. But again, diets sell through creating that panic- and we seem to be so very susceptible to it.

Without that scaremongering, there'd be no crash diets out there. No one would be restricting themselves to starvation levels of calories without any assistance and wondering why they fail. No one would be buying products. And marketers would be sad.

I can't speculate on why the human mind is so open to panic when it comes to its own health. I can leave you with a tip, though- if you really, honestly want to try a severe calorie restriction diet, get the right one. The HCG diet does at least offer support by using the hormone to tamp down your natural hunger responses, so you won't be stressing your body out unduly. The HCG injection kit looks a little daunting, but the HCG pellets should be easy enough for anyone to use. Remember to use it as intended too- crash diets are quick fixes, not long term strategies.

And remember that being a little tubby isn't the end of the world, just a sign you need to get your bum off the couch. And remember too that Ebola is probably not coming to get you- stop scaremongering for the drama of it, and maybe turn a thought instead to the thousands actually affected by this current crises. Let' s hope our scientists and medical brains can get something effective done fast.

Driving Fatalities are Increasing while Motor Technologies are Decreasing Accidents

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The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) is a report by the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) that provides data on highway fatalities within a given year. According to FARS, there were 33, 561 auto related deaths in 2012 and this number shows an increase from 2011. FARS also reports that the overall amount of fatalities have decreased since the 1950s. This information reveals that improved motor vehicle technology, effective laws and safer drivers have all contributed to the overall decrease in road side accidents and deaths.

Basic Driving Fatalities

At least 30,000 people die each year due to accidents. Most of these accidents were the result of a collision between a motor vehicle and a cyclist’s or pedestrian that could have been avoided if the drivers were wearing full face headgear. FARS statistics also reveal that distraction-affected crashes claimed 3, 328 lives in 2012. Distracted driving usually involves people texting or talking on their cell phone while driving and it could also involve other bad habits such as reading or putting on make up. As a matter of fact at least 600,000 people use their cell phones while they drive at any given time on American roadways and streets. Drunk driving fatalities increased 4.6 percent in 2012, taking 10,322 lives compared to 9,865 in 2011. Keep in mind that FARS statistics have not been released for 2014.

The Hidden Dangers of Road Rage

According to the NHTSA, road rage is on the rise and close to 7,000,000 crashes happen each year because of this behavior. Road rage is technically called aggressive driving by the NHTSA. At least 218 fatalities happen each year which are caused by aggressive driving including many truck drivers that have taken the proper driver training. At least 85% of commercial drivers will be involved in some incident involving aggressive driving. People who drink and drive will probably show a greater potential to drive aggressively while out on the road.

Motor Vehicle Safety

Many vehicles are now being constructed with new safety technology. NHSTA regulates safety features on vehicles and they include electronic stability control, lane departure warning and tire pressure monitoring systems. Other features such as safety belts and air bags are also come standard on many vehicles. rollover and forward collision technology are two other important safety components that are helping to save more lives while out on the road.

Most newer cars are small and compact and they can easily maneuver on the highways and roads. Smaller cars are better for maneuvering out of crashes. However, many of these vehicles have a tendency to cause more damage when they are involved in accidents. Since 2009 at least 13,000 lives were saved with the use of safety features such as seat belts says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Most driver accidents do not cause injuries but they do rack up insurance costs. There were 5,419,000 police-reported motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2010 and auto insurance companies pay out nearly 240 billion dollars each year in auto insurance claims related to injuries,vehicle and property damage.

In conclusion, road side fatalities are up due to distracted, aggressive and drunk driving habits. While fatalities have been on the rise the overall number of deaths and accidents have been dramatically reduced because of vehicle safety features. NHTSA expects the number of fatalities to decrease in the coming years because of improved vehicle safety technology and the increase in competent and cautious drivers.

What is the link between Autism and Vaccines?

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The number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and related disorders, has been steadily increasing in the past few decades. Doctors and scientist are not sure what is causing the rise, if it is a true rise, or diagnosing autism is an all-encompassing answer to a child’s social problems/regression. Autism is a mental condition that first presents symptoms in early childhood and is characterized by difficulty in social behavior, trouble forming relationships and the inability to use language and abstract concepts. Often times children will also experience bouts of aggression, wandering, and repetitive behaviors. There is some speculation on what is the underlying cause of autism.

Currently there are an estimated 1.2 million children (people under the age of 21) living with autism in the United States. There are some that dispute whether or not autism is actually on the rise or if the tools used to diagnose are just more inept at doing their jobs. Some also question ‘what is the main cause of autism’, if something in the external environment is causing the problems or if it is purely genetics. Often times there are another condition that accompanies autism. Also the parental age during gestation has been increasing the risk of autism, couples are waiting until they are older and older to have children and the increase of age also heightens the chances of genetic mutations. Environmental triggers are being investigated as another factor contributing in a child developing autism. Exposure to pesticides during gestation is believed to boost the risk of a child developing autism spectrum disorder.

Service dogs can be trained to do a specific task such as being a guide dog, or to provide comfort for people suffering from mental conditions. The second type of service dog is often times referred to as a therapy dog. There have always been stories of what good animals can do for an autistic child, and recently the scientific community has stepped in and begun conducting official studies on the benefits of in home animals. Current studies are being conducted to see if there is a use for therapy dogs in the autistic community.

They have been found to be ‘social catalysts’ encouraging those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder to participate more actively in the activities of daily life. There have been some positive experiences when service dogs are introduced to groups of children or adults during therapy sessions. Being around animals seems to bring something out in people who have a difficult time in social situations. When a control group is compared to a group of children that are interacting with service dogs the results are vastly different. The children in the group with the service dog seem to ‘open up’ more, are more relaxed and seem able to better concentrate. In another study it was found that the presence of a therapy dog lessens the likelihood of the child acting aggressively. They have the added benefit of keeping an autistic child from wandering off and endangering themselves.

With the current positive results, there is hope that service dogs will eventually be an accepted companion for people suffering from autism and their families.

The juicing health craze: Make sure your doing it right

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Juicing: it’s the latest craze among the health conscious and the famous alike. And why not? It’s quick, it’s easy, and there are tons of varieties to suit even the pickiest of eaters. It’s a perfect way to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. But of course, how much you get out of a juicing routine depends on how you go about it. Read on to discover a few helpful tips to make your juicing experience as beneficial as possible, and help your body reach its highest potential.

Use a high-quality machine

One of the keys to a successful regimen is making sure you have the proper equipment, in this case, a high quality juicer. Check www.juicerfanatics.com for juicer reviews and comparisons of some of the top rated juicers. In order to preserve the all of the precious nutrients you can, the best way to go is with a cold press juicer. What makes these such a great choice is that they use no heat. The problem with heat when it comes to juicing is that it breaks down some of the nutrients, making the juice less beneficial to you. Other juicers also use a high speed metal blade, much like a blender, to create the juice, and this can destroy precious enzymes your body needs. Cold press juicers are better for those who love green juices as well, as they are able to extract much more from leafy greens than other juicers on the market.



Having a great juicer is only the first step towards success. It is also important to be mindful of WHEN you consume your juice. To best absorb the myriad of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. it is recommended that you have your juice BEFORE your meal. Doing so allows the nutrients to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream without being slowed down by a stomach full of food. Not only will you better absorb the nutrients, but juicing on an empty stomach will also reduce the likelihood of uncomfortable digestive issues, such as heartburn, occurring. The best thing to do is wait around 20 minutes after having your juice before eating.

Juicing ingredients

So you know what to you and when, but what about the ingredients? There are a couple of things to remember when coming up with the perfect recipes. First of all, don’t overload on the sweet fruits and vegetables. They may make for an amazing tasting drink, but too many will lead to an unhealthy amount of sugar in what is meant to be a health boosting beverage. Also, be sure to remember the importance of variety. Mix it up. Different fruits and veggies have different properties, and while all are beneficial, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. By changing up your recipes and using a wide variety of ingredients, you’ll be ensuring that you get an adequate amount of everything you need, but without overindulging on any of it.

Just remember these few simple tips, and you’re sure to have a successful juicing journey. Visit this resource For more information on top rated cold-press juicers, and some handy juicing tips to get you started.

What’s New in the Australian Construction Industry

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In April of this year, 117 individuals in the Australian construction industry were charged a fine that totaled to almost $1 million US dollars for violating various industry regulations. While all of the charges were not disclosed, it's without a doubt that employing workers who don't have the needed requirements may be included in the list.

In case you didn't know, construction workers in Australia are not allowed to set foot and work in a construction site unless they have the appropriate requirements. Namely, a white card. The thing is, getting a white card in Australia entails some costs.

For one thing, you would need to enroll in an online course that will teach you about safety regulations in a construction site. Unlike RSA refresher courses which are offered for free in Australia, online white card programs would have to be paid for by the enrollee. RSA courses are required for anyone who is in the business of selling and serving alcoholic drinks. This includes bartenders and owners of restaurants that service alcohol.

This is not good especially if you've recently migrated to Australia and are turning to hard labor just so you can support yourself. Now from the construction firm's point of view, hiring an unlicensed (but skilled none the less) worker is good in terms of saving on their costs. But not so much when government regulators catch up to you.

Never the less, the situation last April did not affect the construction business in any way. If anything, the industry is booming and there is a higher demand for skilled workers. That said, it is not surprising that Australia has experienced an upsurge of immigrants, all hoping to find greener pastures in the Land Down Under.

Is this a good thing? Of course it is. However, locals do have some concerns. Chief of these is the probability of locals becoming unemployed because of the number of immigrants. Despite wage regulations in the construction industry, immigrants will undeniably render the same amount of work for a lesser price. This is why local construction workers are nervous about skilled workers immigrating to their country.

The good news is, economists don't see a fall in the construction business in the near future. This means, there won't be a shortage of jobs for workers. That said, it may be a good choice to invest in a white card online training course if you're a skilled worker or are aspiring to work in the construction industry.

How will it benefit you? Well, not only will you be able to work in any construction site in Australia, it will also increase your chances of getting a promotion, not to mention a raise. Also, unions require all their members to be licensed. Next, you will learn about safety thus lessening your chances of getting injured in your workplace. Last, there is no risk of you or your employer getting fined a hefty sum if you get caught by inspectors. Not to mention the risk of you getting deported, if you are an immigrant.


The trend of photography courses being taken

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Photography is categorized into two main areas which are artistic and commercial photography. In modern times, the trend of this career is increasing by the day and has an ever expanding domain. As far as glamour is concerned, this line of work captures the emotions that humans have, especially in those events which people want remembered. To be the best in this business, one has to undergo a professional photography course that will enable him or her to gain the necessary skills and know how needed to perfect this career. Most people usually ask whether this line of work offers any decent pay. The answer is a big yes.

An example of the changing trends in the photography world would include the advertising world. Advertisements are undergoing a lot of experiments and developments that are designed to grab the consumer’s attention, striving to make a lasting impression that will create a special appeal for the brand in the eyes of the client or targeted group. There are huge changes that can be seen in the advertising photography world where different kinds of images are popping up with different layouts and fonts all made to catch the eye of potential customers.

Another trending photography career is stock photography. This type of career has replaced the normal usage of copy and image format. Another trend that is being seen in the advertising world is interactivity. More and more ads are requiring the interaction of the targeted group by requiring the readers to do something in order to communicate back. This is more visible in the online platform of advertising. There are also changing trends in the overall layout and proportions of advertisements. The fonts and sizes are going through a lot of experimentation, advertising professionals are using different tools in order to gain the attention of the audience.

Decades ago, photography was not even considered as a career at all since there was a lack of knowledge, not to mention a shortage of photo taking equipement. Over the years this has greatly changed and there are a lot of people who are aspiring to take up photography as a career, once they undertake the course which best suits them. As the 21st century arrived, photographic images are being altered through digital imaging software packages. Thanks to the introduction of digital photography, a lot has changed and the trend seems to be favoring the side of technology more and more.

People are advised to visit a photography workshop once in a while, especially those that have been organized by renowned fellow photography artists. Visualizing an image even before one captures it is always the first step towards taking an impressive photograph. This rule has certainly not changed in any of the rising trends that are being witnessed in this sector. It’s clear that the coming years will see an increased trend in people signing up for courses that are related to photography. It’s said that each picture speaks for itself and that a picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s imperative to note that photography was introduced to the world just over a century ago and its innovations continue to cement the fact that this trend will see an increase in the next coming years. This gives hope that there will be even more creative uses that will come of it in the foreseeable future.

Photography Careers on the Rise

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I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people as a journalist. From presidents and presidential candidates to celebrities and reality TV stars to normal folks like you and me. So it may be of interest to you to know who I think the most interesting people I’ve met are.

Well, that would be photojournalists. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting one, you know what I mean. You’re a lucky person if you run into one at a bar and offer to buy a beer or two in exchange for a few of their stories. Seriously, if that happens, cancel whatever you thought you were going to do for the day and stay at that bar.

The skill and sense of adventure required to get the job done are immense. Their training goes way beyond the photography lessons (like these) you take from a professional or at a community college. They are artists in the true sense of the word. They look at look at our world and capture what they see. Then they put their work into a form that tells our stories in a beautiful way. They make us look in the mirror and see the beauty, fragility, horror, pain, and hope that exists.

Here are a few famous photojournalists I am acquainted with:

  • Jacquelyn Martin. I met Jacquelyn when I first worked in Washington DC as she is a fixture with the Associated Press. She is extremely well-traveled and is unafraid to advocate on behalf of those who suffer. Here story of albinism in Africa is especially powerful (http://www.jacquelynmartin.com/blog/portfolio/inner-light-tribe-of-ghosts-portraits)
  • Heidi Schumann. Heidi is a New York Times photographer who is a highly decorated legend who I specifically asked to meet one evening at a conference. When I found out she was going to be there, I did everything in my power to be able to talk to her. She has worked with prisoners and penguins and I am one grateful person to have shook her hand.
  • Omar Mullick. I met Omar while in New York City at one of those chance bar meetings. I had intended to get a drink with my brother but I had to take a raincheck when I saw Omar across the bar. I may have scared him a bit at first with my fanboy-ish approach but we soon became friends. He’s done work for just about any major media organization you can name, and I especially loved being able to talk with him about These Birds Walk, a film he shot in Pakistan about an orphan. You can read more about him here:  http://www.omarmullick.com/

So, if all this talk has got you excited about looking into making this type of work into your career, you can read about how to become a photographer here.

The things that the best photojournalists and photographers have in common is that they have something unique about themselves. That’s what makes their work attractive and what makes them such magnetic personalities.

Before you go down the path of pursuing a career in this work, you need to be sure you’re alright with putting yourself in uncomfortable positions that others wouldn’t. That’s how you get to be unique – you go against the flow and make something no one has ever seen. You’ll be called crazy in the process, but those of use in the know will one day be clamboring to shake your hand.

Are Celebrities Targeted With Higher Insurance Premiums?

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The renowned Equity union opposes the practice of insurance companies targeting actors unfairly, which are found to be charging them a higher fee, and not only due to their popularity and high income. On the other hand, the issue raised by the insurance agencies, is that actors do not have a stable income and that they are earning their money only sporadically when they have a new show or movie. As a result, it is harder for them to pay a recurring fee, especially those who have just started their career.

Funeral insurance, one of the most targeted by the insurance companies

In the most recent meeting at Equity, the most problematic area that came into discussion was funeral insurance. In an open discussion between member of the Equity Union with the British Insurers Association, it was confirmed that performers are more likely to pay a higher premium when it comes to funeral cover, hence the reason why they are calling those who face such issues, past or present, to file a complaint with the ABI.

In spite of this, the ABI declared in an official letter to Equity, that it’s impossible to support this data with statistical evidence. According to their claims, no single insurer can provide the necessary numbers of actors (nor are they willing) to draw the statistical conclusions in favor of one claim or another.

Citing from the letter, ABI declared with the help of the insurance companies of course, that among other occupations, actors are most likely to get involved in drugs and other extreme activities that can result in death. The reasons behind this are the “unusual working hours” and access to many vices normally restricted to the average person.

This issue is a problem even in Australia, that sites, such as funeralinsuranceaustraliaguide.com, were created to assist in comparing different funeral plans regardless of ones profession.

Car insurance & Trauma insurance are another problem

Instead of describing the problem here are two recent examples that was shared with us:

1) David Cohen, an actor of Jewish-German origins was recently refused service by an online car rental company due to the fact that his car insurance plan did not cover people with job titles like his. He describes this discrimination shameful and a dishonest practice that needs to end.

According to him, the company did not even ask what he intended to use the car for. Given the fact that many other freelance professions involve the same schedule as that of an actor, car rental companies can better service their customer by inquires a bit more into each individual profession and reasons for renting the car before rejecting them outright.

David also added that the car rental company’s manager said he should get used to being declined due to his acting profession, as acting is seen more of a hobby rather than a serious career.

2) Philip Cunningham, a British actor born in London, said that he had the same problem when shopping for a quality trauma insurance. Due to his profession, most companies preferred not to provide a policy or if they did, they would charge a considerably higher sum for it. In the end he lucked out and found a broker, refereed to him by a fellow actors, who was able to get him a competitive trauma cover policy from a company that did not research what his profession was.

An unfair method of judgment

The Equity union declared through one of its spokesmen that insurance is vital in our modern society and that actors should be celebrated and not targeted, yet its members are often denied or overcharged when compared to those of other professions. This is a very unfortunate practice that hopefully, with more awareness, will end sooner rather than later.

Trouble in Iraq Causes Problems for the US Economy

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Just as it seemed like the US economy was keeping its upward trend, oil prices hike and the dollar plummets. The government says this is directly related to the tension that is happening in Iraq. The militant group, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria  (ISIS), has taken over three major northern Iraqi cities. Iraq's biggest oil refinery can be found in Baji, one of the cities seized by ISIS. At present, the Iraqi government is still in control of the refineries. However, the uprising has already affected global oil prices.

As of 13 June, US oil prices are at $107.68. This is the highest it has ever been in the last ten months. The US Dollar, on the other hand, has gone down. Needless to say, Americans are starting to become restless. What does this mean for the general population? Many fear that we may be on our way to another global economic crisis. Can you blame them? No. The economic crisis of 2008 brought about enough problems. A lot of people are still traumatized.

The Great Recession caused thousands of Americans to be out of jobs. As a result, many lost their homes. Business closed down. Some even had to file for bankruptcy. This goes without saying that these people were also left with a bad credit score. Yes, the economy has already started to pick up. People are starting to get back on their feet. However, people with a bad credit rating have it harder than others. This is true for people all over the world, including Australia.

In Australia, many had to resort to getting a bad credit personal loans with guaranteed approval just so they can get the money they need to rebuild their lives. These types of loans seem like a good idea but the truth is, they aren't. Bad credit loans in Australia are short term loans that come with high interest rates. If you don't have a stable income, it will only lead you into more debt. Why then, do they take out a bad credit personal loan? It's simple. They need the cash but they aren't qualified for a regular bank loan because of their bad credit rating. Many Americans can relate to this problem.

Now with US oil prices going up, it won't be long before prices for certain commodities start following suit. This is the last thing Americans want and need. For this reason, the US government is trying to do what they can to prevent oil prices from further rising.

One of the possible solutions they are looking into is sourcing oil from Saudi Arabia. Financial analysts agree with this option. They predict that if the US continues to source oil from Iraq, the price hike won't skyrocket overnight. Instead, it will be a slow and steady rise. This means, the government may have enough time to look for a solution before the hike is thoroughly felt by the general population.

A Healthy Workout: Give Elliptical Trainers a Shot

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Working as journalist, it is my job to keep in touch with the latest trends regardless of their influence and importance. Obviously it is my job to be informed about everything, be it sports, art, technology, or politics. It might seem a bit tedious but my hunger for knowledge and new information trumps all of that. One thing has recently caught my eye – you couldn’t help but notice.

Lately, more and more people are getting into the healthy lifestyle. Regular workouts, proper diet, the works. As to why this is the case, there are many reasons. People cave under the pressure of having to look like the celebrities which perpetuate the idea of perfection. What they fail to realize is, the celebrities have entire teams behind them that handle their make-up, hair and wardrobe. Not to mention various types of agents, managers and PRs. If you add Photoshop into the equation, it puts even more pressure on the common man or woman. Needless to say, it creates unrealistic expectations, especially for younger people. But, if there is one thing that is positive about the whole trend, it’s that people are trying to live healthy lives, as they should.

The Hottest Home Exercise!

Gym memberships are going out like hot cakes these days but surprisingly, you won’t have to get in line to use the treadmill, or lift weights. The most popular way of working out these days is an elliptical trainer. These machines are the hottest exercise equipment at the moment – in gyms and at home.

Since I didn’t know much about them and what makes them so huge among the people, I decided to look into it. Websites like Ellipticalmachineadvice.com have provided me with valuable info which made things a lot clearer. That particular website has detailed reviews of gym and home elliptical trainers as well as some great guides to using them – definitely worth a look.

So, what makes them so good? What separates them from the likes of treadmills, stationary bikes or rowing machines? Because of the way they are designed and constructed, they allow you to workout in way that supports your natural motion. When you are jogging, climbing or hiking, it creates a lot of stress and strain on your knees and other joints, due to the high-impact nature of the workout. But, if you are using an elliptical trainer, your feet will never leave the foot pedals and therefore the impact on your joints and tendons is almost completely eliminated. Also, another benefit is that elliptical trainers work out your entire body. The handlebars will help you work out your arms, your back and your core, while the foot pedals help you shift the focus of the workout toward your quads, calves and buttocks.

In addition to all of that, elliptical trainers have really embraced technology with things like heart rate monitors built into the handlebar grips. The results are measured and displayed on the LCD panel. The LCD control panel informs you when you are in the fat burning zone, which makes the entire workout much more efficient. You can also choose among the large number of pre-set workout modes and find one which suits you the best. But, perhaps the biggest benefit of an elliptical trainer, is that is prevents you from trying too hard and injuring yourself in the process.

They are worthy of their growing popularity in my opinion, offering a fresh approach to exercise. I love how they combine high tech gadgets to make them more user friendly and to keep you entertained whilst working out. Give one a try – I think you might like them.